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We offer another type of treatment for face lift called HIFU (High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound). The treatment does not involve injection or Botox. It is a new beauty innovation which results in reducing wrinkles and firming sagging skin. Ultra Hifu is the sound wave with high security developed from pregnancy testing ultrasound waves. The waves are shot under each layer of the skin to make the skin layer shrink, like stitching the skin to tighten up the skin. The procedure results in a more younger looking skin. The waves do not hurt the outer skin, because it is not a laser and not light waves. Moreover, this sound wave is not harmful to the eyes, so it enables us to focus on the under eyes area and around the eyes directly.

What are the side effects of HIFU?
The side effects are reported to be minimal which are nausea, pain, sensitivity, swelling, itching, redness, bruising, rash, infection, scars, and bumps at the injection site.
How long does it last?

The result generally lasts up to 12 months. Depending on the lifestyle of the patient, the result will last long, especially when combined with exercise and proper nutrition.

Several sessions of Mesotherapy are recommended in order to get the best and desired result. The patients should return to the clinic about 3-15 times. You can discuss with our practitioner about the schedule of coming back for the treatment.

Post-treatment recovery

Normally, no downtime is required after Mesotherapy as the technique is non-invasive. The patients are allowed to return home after the procedure is completely done, and the patients can do their regular activities right away. However, some may need to take a day off to rest because swelling and pain might occur in the injection area.

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