How can ‘washing your face too frequently’ harm your skin? 🤔


How can ‘washing your face too frequently’ harm your skin? 🤔


Washing your face not only removes impurities from your skin, but it also removes natural oils and water from the top layer of skin. People with oily skin in particular. If you wash your face too often, your skin will become unbalanced and dry. This leads the skin to generate more oil, which can result in acne.

So, how exactly should you wash your face?

💦 Wash your face twice a day, when you get up and before you go to bed.

💦 Choose a cleanser that is good for your skin and is gentle on it.

💦 Keep items that come into touch with your face, such as pillows, blankets, or handkerchiefs, clean.

You can wash your face more frequently if you engage in vigorous activities such as jogging during the day. It is simply a matter of selecting mild products. does not cause skin irritation

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