6in1 Hydra Water Facial Treatment’ 💦  Total Solution Facial Treatment! ✨✨ 

6in1 Hydra Water Facial Treatment’ 💦  Total Solution Facial Treatment! ✨✨

An innovative treatment that combines 6 essential steps in one. This hydro-cleaning treatment can effectively deep clean your skin, exfoliate, moisturise, whiten skin and help with acne control. 

💦 Hydra Aqua Peel — Cleaning facial surface and pores Using a suction vortex technique.

💦 Skin Scrubber — Eliminates dead skin and prepares the skin for nourishing vitamins and necessary elements.

💦 BIO Microcurrent — Stimulates collagen formation, increases flexibility and aids in the tightening and removing wrinkles.

💦 H2O Spray Gun — Using a delicate water spray, gently add moisture and nutrients to the skin.

💦 Ultrasound — Breaks vitamins and nutrients into tiny molecules, allowing them to enter deeper into the skin.

💦 Cold Hammer — Pore tightening massage and skin inflammation reduction 

‘6in1 Hydra Water Facial Treatment’ 

ONLY 1,500.- Baht/Session


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Tel.: 083-852-4174

Website: www.harmonyclinicbangkok.com

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