What are the different types of laser treatments available?

We provide Q-switched ND: Yag laser which Is a laser with a wavelength of 532 and 1064 nm. It is used to treat skin pigmentation. The laser destroys the melanin on the epidermis layer and dermis layer of the skin. The melanin will be cracked and it be taken off from the skin.

Who is it for?

The treatment is suitable for people who have problems with skin pigmentation. It is used to improve Solar lentigenes, freckle, birthmark, Nevus of Ota, and dark lips. It is suitable for people who would like to erase tattoos as well.

How long does it take?

The whole procedure usually takes about 1 hour.

How long does it last?

The results generally last for about 3 years. However, it might last longer if you take care of your skin and follow skincare procedure after the treatment.

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What is the procedure for ND-Yag Laser Treatment?

The treatment is performed by our experienced doctors. The procedure includes cleaning, anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort, and ND YAG Q SWITCH laser is used for rejuvenation. The patient may feel warm or hot in some areas during the procedure.

What are the side effects of Nd:YAG laser treatment

The patient might feel hot at the treated area about 20-30 minutes after the treatment. Redness may appear; it will get better within 1-2 hours. For shallow freckle treatment, there will be crusts on the skin for 3-7 days after the treatment. For tattoo erasing, there will be crusts on the skin for 1-2 weeks after the treatment. Others side effects like swelling, redness, dark skin, and burn might occur; however, these happen in rare case.

Post-treatment recovery

There is no need for hospitalization, so the patient can return home shortly after the procedure. It is recommended that the patient follows recovery tips for the desired results:

  • Avoid rubbing, massaging, or applying any pressure to the treated area for 6-8 hours.
  • Cosmetics and cream can be applied gently. Avoid rubbing in the treated area.
  • Apple a cold compress directly to the area if you have swelling or bruising.
  • Try to contract muscles that were treated for 1 to 2 hours to allow Botulinum Toxin Type A to penetrate into muscles.
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours after the procedure.
  • Put an extra pillow under your head for the first night to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid doing any strenuous activity and workout session for at least 24 hours after the injection.    
  • Consult your doctor if you have any question.

How often the patient should get the treatment?

This depends on the problem. For example, only 1 session of treatment is enough for Solar lentigenes, but it might take 3-4 sessions of treatment for freckle. Each session should be approximately 4-6 weeks apart.
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Q-Switch Laser Treatment In Bangkok

Q-Switch laser treatment is used to remove various unwanted pigmentation-related blemishes on the skin such as brown spots, freckles, and tattoos. The way that this works is via a laser energy pulse targeting the epidermis & dermis (the outermost layer of skin and the layer beneath) which releases the pigment back into the skin so that it can be reabsorbed and eliminated by the body.

In addition to that, Q-Switch laser treatment can be used to resurface the skin, encouraging collagen and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a youthful finish. Q-Switch laser treatment can also be used against spots on the chest, arms and leg area.

Is Q-Switch for me?

Q-Switch treatment is appropriate for anyone with isolated coloured spots—whether large or small—that they want removing. So, if you do have a few blemishes that are a nuisance to you, then this treatment is highly effective. However, we must say that this treatment is only suitable for removing a few spots. If you wish to have a large number of brown spots diffused, then perhaps photo-rejuvenation would be more suitable.

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What does Q-Switch treatment feel like?

The laser energy released feels like tiny hot dots blasting against your skin and can be rather uncomfortable. That said, the discomfort can be significantly reduced by the stream of cold air that is directed at the spots throughout the treatment—however the pain is certainly not eliminated. Tattoo removal in particular is very painful when undergoing the procedure without anesthetic. As such, your technician will always attempt to anesthetize the targeted area before performing the procedure. Naturally, the thought of this level of discomfort can be very off-putting, though the sensation is not so dissimilar to that of getting a tattoo.

What are the benefits of Q-Switch laser treatment? 

Typically speaking, you can remove brown spots and blemishes on the first treatment with 75%-100% accuracy. This means that much of the time only one treatment is needed. However, in some cases two appointments may be required—and in more extreme cases a third. It really depends on the size and complexity of the job.

Are there any risks involved?

A common side effect after the procedure is for a small red or brown spot to appear in place of the treated freckle or blemish and the skin has healed over. This is temporary and will go away on its own, however if it does persist it can easily be treated. In addition to that, infection and scarring is a potential side effect, though these occur only in the most rare and extreme cases. Provided that you follow the proper skincare instructions and avoid too much sunlight then you will be fine.

If you have any concerns or questions, rest assured that you will be able to discuss absolutely everything with your cosmetic coordinator and medical advisor before making any commitments to the procedure. Only when you are confident in the procedure and comfortable to proceed, will you begin.

Are there any factors that would exclude me from this treatment?

Provided that you are in excellent health then you should be a prime candidate for Q-Switch laser treatment. However, there are indeed a few factors which would change that:

  • if you are pregnant
  • if you have taken Accutane over the last six months
  • if you have a history of cold sores, herpes or any other viral skin conditions (this doesn’t exclude you indefinitely, but you will need to be treated thoroughly before it to be considered safe)

What can I expect after the treatment?

Following the procedure, you will have crusty skin on the treated area for a couple of days and up to two weeks. If the target area was on your legs, it could be longer (up to three or four weeks). The best way to treat these crusts are with Vaseline or regular petroleum jelly and keep them well covered with medical bandages, as this will invariably speed the healing process.

You are able to apply makeup to the targeted area, though the crusts will be difficult to cover so you’ll be better off without.

Directly after the procedure you will feel a burning sensation (not so dissimilar to having fresh sunburn). This will typically linger for several minutes, up for a couple of hours. This is when the spots will become red and begin to crust over. Again, cover them well for optimal healing.

Are there alternative methods I can explore?

There are other treatments such as photo-rejuvenation, Fraxel laser treatment, and photodynamic therapy (PTD). Whilst these treatment are effective; we would only advise seeking them out if you are looking to treat a large area of skin rather than a few smaller spots. You can also explore liquid nitrogen as a means of removing brown spots, however it simply replaces the spot with a white one in its place, so it isn’t recommended. We would highly recommended Q-Switch laser treatment for those who have a few nuisance blemishes that they would like effectively removing.

How much will Q-Switch treatment cost?

The price of Q-Switch laser treatment largely depends on the size of the targeted area and the number of treatment that you will need for a complete removal. On average you’re looking at somewhere between $350 to $800 per single treatment. Always bear in mind the fact that two or more treatments may be required. In any case, there are various payment options that you can explore, should you be looking for a more affordable plan.

Do you wish to have clearer looking skin?

If you want to stop feeling self-conscious about certain spots on your skin, then you can have them removed for good. In as little as one procedure, you could have a clean and clear complexion that you can feel confident with! If you’d like to explore this further or have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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