Less is more when it comes to a skincare routine. ✨ 


Less is more when it comes to a skincare routine. ✨


Do you know that you need only a few steps for your daily skincare routine? the key is to pick the one that suits your skin conditions, for example, choose an active ingredient that helps improve your problem or select the formulation that matches your skin type. 

🌸 Start with a cleanser, which helps remove everything from makeup, sweat and excess oil to pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells. 

🌸 Next, prepare your skin for the next steps with toner for the best results when you apply moisturizer, serum or cream.

🌸 Following with moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and you can also add more products for a specific skin issue here. 

🌸 Last but not least, sunscreen because UV is the root cause of many skin problems like wrinkles, brown spots, dehydration and more. 

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🍀 Gentle Soapless Gel (Normal 790.- Baht)

🍀 Gentle Sunscreen (Normal 690.- Baht)

🍀 Antioxidant Moisturizer (Normal 850.- Baht)

🍀 Gentle Cleansing Milk (Normal 790.- Baht)


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