‘MESO No Needle’ painless facial MESO therapy. 

‘MESO No Needle’ painless facial MESO therapy.

‘MESO No Needle’ painless facial MESO therapy. 

Using ultrasonic technology, which acts as a delivery mechanism for the active ingredients, pushes essential vitamins and supplements to the dermal layers of the skin without a needle. This special method is 10x more effective than the regular facial treatment method. 

✨ Stimulate collagen production and restore skin elasticity

✨ Reduce shallow wrinkles and delay the skin ageing process

✨ Increase skin hydration for a soft and glowing skin

✨ Compatible with most other facial treatment 

Feel relaxed during this 30-minute session without leaving a mark or bruise. 


• Avoid direct contact activity with face 2 days after the session

• Repeat after the 1st session within 2 weeks of the best result.


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