Protecting Your Skin From Damage With “Antioxidant” ✨✨


Protecting Your Skin From Damage With “Antioxidant” ✨✨


Both internal and external factors can trigger oxidant. Which is the cause of damage to various cells in the body, such as wrinkles on the skin o r a variety of skin problems. The body’s natural process for producing antioxidants to prevent cell damage already exists, but it generates less as we get older, while oxidant can occur repeatedly overtime.

As a result, we need to add more antioxidant from external source to balance oxidant produced internally. To help minimize the occurrence of skin damage and slow down the aging process It can help the body absorb antioxidants in a variety of ways.

✅  Fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals, and certain meats are high in antioxidants

✅  Supplements.

✅  IV Drip delivers vitamins and antioxidants to the skin directly through the veins.

✅  MESO Treatment is a skin treatment that helps to decrease wrinkles and slow down the aging process.


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