Skin Issues in Winter ❄⛄ 

Skin Issues in Winter ❄⛄

As many eagerly anticipate the gentle touch of the winter breeze, this time of year also challenges our skin. The cool air provides a refreshing feeling and can lead to dryness, causing various skin problems. 

🍂 Dry and flaky skin

🍂 Makeup doesn’t adhere well

🍂 Skin irritation and redness

🍂 Oily skin individuals may experience increased oiliness 

Tips for Winter Skincare: 

💦 Moisturize regularly to combat dryness

💦 Apply sunscreen daily

💦 Avoid washing your face with hot water too often

💦 Stay hydrated and get enough rest

💦 Incorporate facial treatments for nourishment 

At Harmony Clinic, we have the perfect skincare products: 

🧡 Moisturizer by Dr. MONVA – Adds moisture for smooth and soft skin, only 850 baht/jar. 

🧡 6in1 Hydra Water Facial Treatment – Deeply hydrates and delivers vitamins to your skin, priced at just 1,500 baht/session. 

Take care of your skin this winter and embrace the season with confidence! ❄✨


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