Why ‘Holistic Beauty’ is the better life path. ✨


Why ‘Holistic Beauty’ is the better life path. ✨

Usually, people think of a skincare product or facial treatment regarding skin health. However, sometimes the root cause could come from daily behaviour like eating salty food, low-quality sleep or your stress level. 

Holistic Beauty is an all-encompassing approach to a healthy body, mind, and soul, which will ultimately result in healthier, radiant skin. 🧡 you can start with a small daily routine; for example, eat a balanced diet, exercise, sleep sufficiently and schedule in me-time. By combining the benefit of an individual’s well-being with an innovative treatment, you can witness healthier skin and body

Dr.Monva also adopts a ‘Holistic Beauty’ approach for over 10 years for good health and glowing skin.


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