Why might your moisturizer not be enough?


Why might your moisturizer not be enough?


🥀  The product might not match your age and skin condition. Moreover, skincare products are meant to use as a preventive solution. For example, if you start applying the cream after the wrinkles appear, it will reduce the efficiency.

🥀   The consistency, both applying and the product itself. Skincare products require a specific time to see the result. However, people usually change or stop using the same product before the optimum point because they think it didn’t work.

🥀 The penetration power might drop due to skin cleanness because skincare products use the passive mechanism of each skin cell to deliver the active ingredients to the under-layer. So, if there are any particles or congested pores, it will reduce the absorption and penetration rate.


Why could treatment be the answer to deeper nourishing?

💦  Deeply clean your skin to the pore level, and help exfoliate the dead skin cells

💦 Accelerate the absorption rate for essential nutrition and vitamins

💦 Show a better and quicker result due to higher active ingredient  concentration and advanced technique


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