5 Truth about ‘Collagen’ you might not know.✨✨


5 Truth about ‘Collagen’ you might not know.✨✨


‘Collagen’ is one of the most crucial protein compounds for the skin. It forms a scaffold that provides strength and structure within each layer. Most of the time, you will see people and skincare products trying to boost skin’s ‘Collagen’ level to maintain the youthfulness appealing. However, there are some surprising facts about ‘Collagen’ you might never hear of, which directly affect your skin condition. 

5 Truth about ‘Collagen’ you might not know.

🌸 After 25 ‘Collagen’ production rate will drop around 1% yearly.

🌸 Women have lesser ‘Collagen Fiber’ than men, so women aged faster.

🌸 For women, after the period ‘Collagen’ production will tremendously drop.

🌸 SMOKE and not applying sunscreen will directly reduce the ‘Collagen’ production.

🌸 ‘Collagen’ injection shows a better result than a supplement and cream.

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